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As of 4:01 PM on March the 31st 2023, the North Durham Covid Assessment Centre is permanently closed.

As we transition to chronic virus management versus an acute crisis, and with the declining patient volumes, the North Durham Covid Assessment Centre (NDCAC), located at the Prince Albert Hall, will be closing its doors.

Since August of 2020, this physician led assessment centre has provided an essential service for our community. We have provided PCR testing for COVID-19 infections, as well as clinical assessments by local nurses, doctors and healthcare support staff, to those with cough, cold, flu and COVID-19 infections.

“The North Durham COVID Assessment Centre was truly an extraordinary project that got off the ground in record time, managed massive surges, brought together variable groups of people and served a wide community exceptionally well for almost 3 years,”says Dr Carlye Jensen, NDCAC doctor and local family physician. “The enthusiasm and energy for positive change that exists within our healthcare teams in Uxbridge and Port Perry will not cease with the closure of the NDCAC but rather move on to meet the other needs within our communities.”

For the period of August 2020 to March 2023, when the clinic was in operation, we provided 2790 assessments, performed 52223 swabs and 15132 paediatric swabs.

Once our centre is closed, we encourage community members to take advantage of the other accessible care options in our area. Some options include:
- Visiting your family doctor.
- Calling 811 or visiting the Health811 website for safe, high-quality care from a registered nurse.
- Visiting a local pharmacy. Many locations prescribe and dispense Paxlovid and offer onsite PCR and rapid testing.
- Oak Valley Health COVID-19, Cold, and Flu Care Clinic (Markham).

Respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19 continue to circulate in our area. We continue to recommend vaccination as one of the most effective ways to protect against viruses. All approved COVID-19 vaccines used in Canada are effective at helping to protect against severe illness, including hospitalization and death from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines remain available to the public through Durham Public Health and participating pharmacies.

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